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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Celebrations Bridal Show is Coming!!!  
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 
Don't Miss Cutting Edge in Bridal & Weddings!
The Show Is On! Don't Miss Cutting Edge Ideas in Wedding and Bridal! Date/Time of the show:
Sunday August 25th
11:00am - 4:00pm
Wausau Elks Lodge- 414 Scott Street, Wausau, WI 54403 
Booth prices this year are:
The Foyer small "Podium or Chat" Spaces would be $50.00 (Approximately 4-6 spaces)
$125.00 for regular booths 8' Wide & 5' Deep (20 spaces)
$150.00 for large booths 10' Wide & 10' Deep (4 spaces)

Can you have the vendors get in contact with me after the initial email? Diana Swenson


10:00am Bride Registration
10:00 - 12:00 Vendor Visitation & Bridal Bingo (Samples Elks Lodge)
12:00am First Dance Presentation #1
12:30am - 1:30pm (1:45/2:00 if needed) Cake Dive & Prizes!!
2:00pm Hair Trends Show
3:00pm First Dance Presentation #2
3:30pm Bridal Workshops
4:00pm Show Closed

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Simply the most amazing and talented 
bakery in Central Wisconsin.   
Thank you Debbie Meier for 
Helping our Brides with their Wedding Cakes,
 Sweets and Treats!
Silver and Black New Years Theme

Greenwood Hills Country Club New Years Eve Party......  Black and Silver Theme 

Check Out Events At The Hills Here:  http://thehillsevents.yolasite.com/event-calendar.php
Welcome To Wausau!

A New Event Planning Concept has opened in Central Wisconsin!

The Wedding Store is the home of multiple professionals that help create fantastic events!

Check them out online at : http://theweddingstorellc.com/

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Checklist... Here are some great list items!

Ceremony Checklist
Wedding bands bought and sized
Confirm rehearsal date & time
Marriage license
Vows chosen or written
Readers chosen Email Planner names
Usher chosen Email Planner Names and email address
Ring pillow purchased
Programs purchased or made (are you making programs?)
Music selected (Send Planner the completed list and send to DJ)
Unity candle purchased  If needed

Reception Checklist

Special occasions permit ( if needed)
Guest book & pens
Pick guest book and seating card attendants
Engagement photo framed for display or guest signing ( Are we having a memory table as well?)
Meal selection Email this to Planner and confirm an email to caterer.  Need arrival time of caterer as well.
Confirm bar stock and hours (Confirm amount of bartenders and bars rented)
Go over floor plan
Create a seating plan. 
Let Planner know when deliveries will be made  Tent set up, Bar, Food, Floral, Cupcakes, Cake.  Planner would like your times that you have documented then I will contact the vendors as well.
Confirm linen colors
Figure out who will be in the receiving line and in what order  (Document and email to planner)
Choose attendant for guest book/seating card/reception cards table (someone needs to do this)
Write speech and ask others to prepare speeches(wedding party, family & MC) Email planner speeches the speeches can be touching or funny… If you need speech samples for your party let me know.
Decide on kissing and or centrepiece game-games…
Instructions for disposable cameras (announced or printed)  If you are using them
Bathroom baskets (let planner know if you are having them and if she should supply them)
Pick VIP reception songs: wedding party entrance, 1st dance, parents dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter removal & toss, last dance, etc. Email the selections to planner and to you DJ
Pick your kissing and centrepiece games. Email to planner and DJ with when you want to do them.

Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Figure...

Some Tips On How to choose the perfect wedding dress for your figure…

Some Styles and Shapes: 

Beautiful Empire gown perfect silhouette if you are short waisted or if you have an undefined waist

Modified A- line, great for if you are very petite

Strapless ball gown with a natural waist, this dress if perfect if you are a pear shape

Drop waist sweetheart neckline dress with cap sleeve and built in corset this is perfect if you are very velopsuos because it adds the element of support

Don’t forget the most important thing is to go with the dress you love! 

Our tips for wedding dress shopping:

In Terms of timing at LEAST 8 months before your wedding…..
Dresses tend to take about 4 months to make and then another two to three months for alterations and fittings.
To start off with we suggest narrowing it down to two to three salons.   If you choose too many salons you could become overwhelmed and confused.

We recommend starting the process by yourself go through the dresses see what looks good and what doesn’t without too many outside opinions.   Then after you have narrowed it down to two to three dresses invite your mother and your maid of honor or those people that are special too you.  

 One awesome feature at Elegant Occasions in Wausau is bringing us into the digital world of looking at dresses.  Be sure to talk with them at our Celebrations Bridal Show 9-23 Wausau Elks Lodge  10am to 2pm.  Greta and her team of experts will be running an awesome fashion show and on hand to answer all your dress selection questions. 

When selecting a gown go with the type of silhouette you normally wear.  For example If you never wear a halter dress don’t choose a gown that is a halter..

In The End You want to feel like yourself but just a little more beautiful…….  

Happy Dress Shopping.... The WWP Team

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top tips for cutting wedding costs: A Celebrations Bridal Show Focus!

You’re engaged Congratulations! After the sizzle of the champagne subsides, your next thought is: How much is this going to cost? And how am I going to pay for it?  Luckily, there are practical ways to cutting wedding costs while still achieving your wedding vision.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Remember that like any other purchase or decision you make, there are many options at different price points. There truly is no single right answer. It is your wedding vision and your budget and we are here to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams!

The key to cutting wedding costs is determining what’s the utmost important to you. We have seen engaged couples spend considerable resources from their overall wedding budget on their music because entertainment was their top priority, at the expense of décor and food. Was that a mistake? Absolutely not for them! But it may be for you, if food and décor is your thing.

        Top tips for cutting wedding costs:

1. Use online services such as Pingg.com for easy and inexpensive save-the-date announcements, event invitations or place cards. There are plenty of online options that are reasonably priced, with many features and flexibility.    Save the date cards are not a must have, etiquette states you do not have to send save the date cards.  Visit with Six Nineteen at our show for unique ideas for invitations.
2. Use Seasonal Flowers and be flexible about the floral assortment and style. Be open and honest with your florist, and let them know if this isn’t the priority for you. Using seasonal flowers and being flexible on floral arrangement and style can really help with budget constraints.  Please visit with Ann or Joan at the Floral Magic vendor booth at the 9-23 show and let them help you design floral that is flexible and your style.
3. Scale down or be creative with your engagement photos.  Your photographer can help you with that.  Be sure to visit with all of our photographers at the Celebrations Show and gather valuable information from them that can truly be reflected in your wedding budget.
4. Cut out guest favors. People often ask me if they have to give out wedding favors to their guests. The answer is no! If it doesn’t fit within your budget, I believe this is the first place to cut. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the money to spend, favors are a nice thing to do for your guests. But I’m also a big proponent of the fact that your guests should be bringing you gifts.  Shannon Thomas of One Girl Creative will answer all your questions at the Q&A with OGC during the workshops at the show...
5. Limit your guest list. A quick way to cut wedding cost is to limit your guest list. Be realistic and invite those people that are emotionally involved with you – ultimately it will make for a better experience for you and your guests as well.  Your work place friends and such will understand if they are not on the guest list. 
6. Skip the full bar. A full service bar can get quite expensive. Serve beer and wine instead, or better yet, serve a signature drink in keeping with your wedding theme. It helps set the tone and style of your wedding and is considerably less expensive than a full service bar.  Talk with us at the Celebrations Show roundtable in and we will discuss how you can become your own mixologist with your signature wedding drink.  Taste our sample signature drinks at the show to inspire you!
7. Review vendor contracts carefully for unexpected costs, such as after-hours charges, delivery charges – things you didn’t know could pop up. You want to be aware of that from the get go so you can budget for it.  Make a list prior to meeting with the vendor covering all of your questions of those possible charges and make sure everything is in writing.
8. Reduce the amount of food served. Cut back on hors d’oeuvres served during the cocktail hour and/or the number of courses included in your meal.  Or, talk with your banquet facility and create a creative appetizer schedule that is lower in cost and streamlined to your budget.  Can you supply your own candy buffet or sweets table.  This may take the place of other food items and be a budget friendly addition.  City Grill and The Elks Lodge Banquet coordinators will be on hand at the show to inspire you with creative solutions for your DAY! 
If you are realistic and honest about your priorities, you can plan the wedding of your dreams and stay within your budget.   All of us in the Wausau Wedding Powerhouse are here to help you do just that.  
We are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams!
Happy Planning!  The Powerhouse Team!

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